This is “Thrus”


Hi, Sara and Tiffany here. We are parts one and two of three; Ron is our part three. Did you get that? Yes, we are in a three way relationship, also known as a triad, or if you would like to get technical, a polyamorous relationship. The three of us love each other and believe that love should not be limited to one person. Our intent is not to push our beliefs on to others, but just to share our story.

So, here’s our story… Sara met Ron, and fell in love. They had a long lasting relationship, which ended for a while. Sara then met Tiffany, who she also fell in love with. Soon she realized that her love for both of them was so immense, she couldn’t be without either of them. Luckily, Ron and Tiffany took to each other pretty well and eventually also fell in love. Our journey so far has not been easy, but no relationship is. We have our ups and downs just like any “normal” couple, but ours is a little more interesting.

The three of us will be posting on here sharing ideas, thoughts and just our daily lives. We hope you find us as captivating as we do. 🙂


Sara and Tiffany ❤


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