Mouse Hunt..

Okay, so this morning I asked Tiffany if she wanted bagels for breakfast, she said “sure”. So, I went to the kitchen to find that our bagels had been eaten, and not by Ron, but by the mouse that we discovered just a few days ago. Now that we were both pissed off and hungry, we threw away the remainder of the bagels and took a trip down to Home Depot to buy some mouse traps. This was an adventure in itself. There were so many traps to choose from, and we had no idea what we were really looking for. We just knew that we wanted it dead because we really wanted bagels for breakfast. Some of the traps looked dangerous and others looked useless. We decided to buy a couple different ones. One packaged guaranteed to smash the mouse to death, and the other one was quite sadistic and promised to trap the mouse and kill it in an awkward twisting fashion. All that mattered to us was the part where they said “guaranteed to kill”. So, we got home and placed the traps around the house and went about our day, which consisted of eating pizza and sitting on the couch writing this blog. Suddenly, there was a clatter and we looked to see what was the matter…and the matter was, one of the traps went off and fell down the basement stairs, but the mouse was not in the trap. The sneaky little fucker got out somehow! I then cautiously walked downstairs to find him in a corner. He wasn’t moving, so I yelled for Tiffany to come downstairs to look at him.

T: “Is he dead?”

S: “I don’t know.”

T: “Is he moving?”

S: “No.”

T: “Are his eyes open?”

S: “I’m not that close. Just come look at him.”

T: “He doesn’t look dead to me.”

S: “oh, wait I think he just moved.”

This was followed by two screaming girls running upstairs…

We then decided to put two traps at the top of the stairs, one of each kind. Anything to keep that little fucker downstairs. Now we are sitting on the couch, waiting for the sound of little feet to go squeak, squeak, splat! Hopefully by that time Ron will be home from work, and he can dispose of the remains.

Love, Sara


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